Conquering Dental Fear & Anxiety

Conquering Dental Fear & Anxiety

Did you know that almost 75% of the population feels some level of fear when facing dental care? Between 5-8% of Americans totally avoid dentists out of fear and anxiety altogether. While dental fear may stem from legitimate causes, it doesn’t need to define your future dental experiences. At Comprehensive Dental Care of Oxon Hill, we understand that some of our patients come in for their appointment with very little anxiety, but others arrive with a lot.

Dr. Peter Merai Knows that Trust Matters

Dr. Peter Merai takes your trust seriously, and knows it is your first step towards overcoming dental fear. He understands that helping you overcome your anxiety, fear and lack of trust is critical to your ongoing dental and oral health. By setting up a free consultation, you can meeti with Dr. Merai and create a plan for your dental care that feels right to you.

“He made me feel welcome, special, and comfortable… He seems to have a heart for his patients… I highly recommend him! He is personable, professional, highly efficient and operates at a level of high integrity.” D.F.

Tips for Overcoming Dental Fear & Anxiety

  • Research and find a dentist whom you are comfortable with.
  • Recognize and communicate your fears and anxiety.
  • Find ways to reduce your dental fears.
  • Get accustomed to the dental tools.
  • Bring someone with you to your appointment.
  • Try relaxation techniques.
  • Use distractions, like music or a stress ball.
  • Take good care of your teeth – brush and flossy regularly.
  • If necessary, find a dentist who uses sedation.

Your Dental Visit at Comprehensive Dental Care of Oxon Hill

Oral health is too important to let your fear get in the way. Dr. Merai and his caring team strives to ensure that you’re absolutely comfortable before having any exams or procedures and will design care that’s customized specifically for you. Comprehensive Dental Care of Oxon Hill is currently accepting new patients, please call (301) 567-9844 to schedule a consultation or exam with Dr. Merai. We also have several online offers, including a new patient special. Comprehensive Dental Care of Oxon Hill serves the communities of Oxon Hill, Fort Washington, Temple Hills, Clinton, MD, Alexandria, VA and Washington DC.