“But It’s Really Not Bothering Me!”

“But It’s Really Not Bothering Me!”

Are You Putting Off Dental Work Because… “It’s Not Really Bothering Me That Much!”?

If you have been putting off dental issues because you think the dental pain will eventually go away; or it’s not really bothering you, it’s time to think again. Most dental problems are not symptomatic until there is a serious issue present. If it already causing pain, chances are, it isn’t going to be a small problem. Ignoring it could be a potentially dangerous and expensive gamble.

As we’ve mentioned in past articles, an unhealthy mouth can mean an unhealthy body. Dental problems that haven’t been addressed could be affecting more than your mouth. Studies show that oral disease, particularly periodontal disease, is a gateway for bacteria to enter the bloodstream. Oral disease can potentially lead to respiratory infection, heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Being proactive about your dental health and preventing issues before they start is the best way to avoid potential problems down the road. It’s important that you practice good oral hygiene habits at home; including brushing and flossing, as well as seeing your dentist twice a year. Regular visits include an oral exam, professional teeth cleaning and a screening for signs of periodontal disease or oral cancer. Keeping up with your regular dental visits will reduce your dental expenses by catching issues when they are small – before they escalate to an emergency and more costly situation.

Don’t Invite Dental Pain and Problems

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