New Patients Are Always Welcome

dentist appointment oxon hillNew patients are warmly welcomed at Comprehensive Dental Care near Washington DC, Alexandria VA in Oxon Hill, MD. Your visit to our friendly family-oriented dentist office is more than just about checking for cavities, although that is part of our preventive care routine. Your visit encompasses a series of checks and balances to ensure the health of your teeth, bones and gums. We also accept emergency patients.

What to Expect at Your Dental Appointment

Regular Checkups & Exams

– From the moment you arrive at our dental practice you will be treated with professional and comforting care. During your initial exam you will be screened for oral cancer, given diagnostic X-rays for examination, and evaluated for gum disease. All of these steps are designed to give you an update on your current dental health. We encourage our patients to visit on a regular basis in order to prevent disease before it happens.

Oral Hygiene Cleanings

– Our certified dental hygienists are the best! The individual care you will receive includes removal of plaque and tarter from your teeth and gum line plus we’ll polish your teeth to remove common stains.


– We offer sealants for both our adult and pediatric patients. A sealant is a tooth-colored or clear plastic material that adheres to your natural tooth enamel. By sealing common pits and grooves against tooth decay you can effectively head off future decay problems at a fraction of the cost of fixing decayed teeth in the future.


– Healthy gums make healthy teeth. We continually search for signs of early gum disease so it can be treated non-surgically prior to becoming a major problem.

What Are the Costs of General Dentistry?

Contact us today for your discounted new patient consultation and exam and we’ll discuss your options regarding general dentistry and our various financing options. We look forward to answering all your questions about teeth cleaning, cavities and dental hygiene.