The Gift of Good Oral Health

The Gift of Good Oral Health

People tend to consume sugary treats and enjoy alcoholic beverages more than usual during the holidays. During the hustle and bustle of the holidays, many forget to perform the most basic of oral hygiene tasks that help counteract the effects of indulging in sweets. However, it’s quite important to maintain good oral hygiene during the holiday season.

If you want to keep more than just your “two front teeth” this holiday, pay attention to the following suggestions to take care of your oral health:

Sugary Snacks, Desserts & Drinks

Sugars found in soda, cocktails, cookies, cakes, candy canes and chocolate increase the likelihood of developing cavities. Alcohol also causes dehydration and dry mouth. Drink water or chew a piece of sugarless gum if you are not able to brush and floss after indulging on sweet treats. These activities will boost saliva flow in the mouth and help wash away bacteria that leads to cavities.


It doesn’t matter if it is red or white, the high acidity levels in wine can eat away at your tooth’s enamel. To avoid damage to the enamel, drink the wine without swishing it around in your mouth. Be sure to drink water in between to rinse the teeth.

Coffee & Tea

Coffee and tea can be healthy beverage choices but caffeinated drinks can also dry out your mouth. Extra consumption of coffee and tea throughout the holiday may also stain your teeth. Make sure to drink plenty of water and try to keep the sugar to a minimum.

Since it’s the season for giving, remember to treat yourself to the most important gift of all this holiday season: healthy teeth and gums! That’s a gift that keeps on giving all year long! Comprehensive Dental Care of Oxon Hill is currently accepting new patients, please call (301) 567-9844 to schedule a consultation or exam with Dr. Peter Merai. We also have several online offers, including a new patient special.

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