The Holidays and Your Oral Health

The Holidays and Your Oral Health

The holidays are in full swing and soon everyone will be making their 2018 resolutions. But before all that, let’s go over some of the pitfalls you can avoid during the holidays!

The holidays offer some of the best foods that we eat all year, jam packed into a few weeks. But in terms of health, the holidays also offer some of the worst foods that we eat all year. The real danger really comes from the snacking. Holiday cookies and desserts may be delicious, but they are definitely taxing for your teeth! It’s ok if you indulged in some of it, ’tis the season.

Here are some things to consider over the next couple of weeks:

Avoid Chewy Candies

Foods like nougat, taffy, and toffee are a problem because they stick to your teeth. Even with brushing, these sorts of candies can leave sugar behind that can lead to tooth decay.

Don’t Use Your Teeth as Scissors!

It goes without saying, but your teeth are not meant to be used as cutting tools for anything that isn’t food. This action wears down your enamel, making your teeth susceptible to all sorts of complications. Even worse, you might chip or break your teeth!

Avoid Lingering in the Kitchen

If you are not cooking, baking or prepping, get out of the kitchen. This tip also includes the dining room, where all the sweets are. Avoiding the rooms that have all of the food helps keep the urge to snack at bay.

Show Your Oral Hygiene Extra Love

During the holidays, you need to brush your teeth more often than usual. If there was one time of year that you really needed to use floss and mouthwash, this is it. A little of extra effort will go a long way with your oral health.

Dr. Peter Merai and his staff wish you and your family the best this holiday season. When it comes to resolutions for 2018, resolve to apply some of our holiday guidelines into your daily life, and make sure to get in for your regular exam and cleaning. Comprehensive Dental Care of Oxon Hill is currently accepting new patients, please call (301) 567-9844 to schedule a consultation or exam with Dr. Peter Merai. We also have several online offers, including a new patient special.

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