Pregnant Women are Encouraged to Be Diligent with their Dental Care

Pregnant Women are Encouraged to Be Diligent with their Dental Care

In between trips to the OB and time spent setting up the nursery, seeing your dentist could fall off your radar before your new baby arrives. However, Dr. Merai and his dental team encourage women to remember to come in during their pregnancy. If you’re normally a patient with heavy plaque, or you are prone to cavities, you might even consider having extra cleanings during your pregnancy.

Expectant moms have two bodies to consider and some may not realize the danger and risks involved with skipping or neglecting their oral hygiene. Keep in mind that ‘healthy mothers make healthy babies’ and a mom-to-be’s dental health is a major part of that. Another way to think about your dental health during pregnancy is if you have dental problems and therefore can’t eat properly, then you are not getting proper nutrition. And therefore, either is your baby.

Although most pregnant women make it the full nine months without dental issues, pregnancy can make some conditions worse – or even create new ones.

During pregnancy gums become much more sensitive. Hormonal changes during the second trimester can often times discourage moms-to-be from brushing and flossing. Regular brushing and flossing can sometimes cause some bleeding, so some expectant mothers stop properly caring for their teeth. Due to greater blood flow during pregnancy, any infection in your mouth can affect the rest of the body more quickly. It’s possible that this can then increase the risk of pre-term labor or even worse, result in a miscarriage.

If you are pregnant and want to come in for a routine dental cleaning with or exam with Dr. Merai, please call our dentist office in Oxon Hill today! You can also request an appointment online today. For more information on pregnancy and oral health, visit the ADA’s website here.