Oh No – I Need a Root Canal!

Oh No – I Need a Root Canal!

Your dentist just told you that you needed a root canal. You are now in panic mode because you’ve heard bad things about them. We here at Comprehensive Dental Care of Oxon Hill would like to take the time to set the record straight about root canals. With today’s dental technology it is much easier for your dentist to perform a more effective job of cleaning and filling the root canal system. And a properly cleaned and sealed system means success!

First, what exactly is a root canal? Depending on the tooth (front of back) there can be up to four canals. A root canal is generally a painless procedure where a dentist cleans out the infected pulp (nerve tissue) of a tooth and then replaces it with a synthetic, inert material. This gets rid of live tissue and infection and sterilizes the canal processes. Once the root is sealed, no new tissue or infection can return. The tooth is numbed for this procedure. Once the root canal treatment has been done, the tooth needs a cap or a crown.

In a normal tooth, the procedure is painless and is really no different that a lengthy filling appointment. If the procedure hurts, the area is not numb! One of the reasons that a tooth may not be numb is because it is extremely infected. Early treatment helps alleviate this issue. However, if it’s too late and an abscess has set in, a round of antibiotics before the appointment may prove helpful.

“Can’t You Just Pull My Tooth?”

The short answer is “yes.” However, something eventually has to be done with the empty space. If left alone, the other teeth will start to move into unwanted positions, causing bite and chewing issues. An implant (or bridge) will be needed and this results in more trips to the dentist, and more money spent that if you had simply had the root canal.

Instead of listening to your friend, who had a very painful root canal procedure done at his cruel dentist’s clinic, talk to Dr. Peter Merai at Comprehensive Dental Care of Oxon Hill. Putting a root canal off due to fear is not the solution. Dr. Merai will dispel the myths for you and alleviate your concerns. Call 301-567-9844 to schedule a consultation, or for an appointment for a routine exam or cleaning.