Dr. Peter Merai provides digital low radiation X-ray filming that drastically minimizes radiation exposure at Comprehensive Dental Care of Oxon Hill. Traditional dental X-rays are quite safe. However, computerized X-ray filming is the way of the future! Advances in digital technology have led to the development of low radiation digital dental radiography. Computerized dental X-rays put out only a bare minimum X-ray requirement just enough to create a digital image on a computer sensor.

The diagnostic capability of the digital X-ray film is an advantage that far out weighs the use of traditional radiography. The clinician is able to change contrast, add color, create positive imagery, accentuate the film, take specific measurements, email the films, and much more! Also, digital X-ray films are immediately viewed when taken as opposed to traditional X-ray films that have to be processed.

Other than the benefit of low radiation exposure to the patient, digital X-rays are environmentally friendly. With the computerized X-ray, your dentist no longer has to develop films in fixer and developer solutions. Guess what happens after these chemicals are used? They would end up in the sewer daily.

Oxon Hill, Maryland dentist, Dr. Peter Merai, uses regular and panoramic computerized low radiation digital X-rays and feels every dentist should invest in this front-line dental technology.