Each tooth naturally contains one, two or three root canals, which are filled with tissue, or pulp. When this pulp decays and becomes infected, treatment is required to save the tooth.

During root canal therapy, the root canal is uncovered with a drill and the infected pulp is removed. The empty space is filled with a barium-treated material, so that the procedure can be confirmed as a success by X-ray. This filling is sealed, possibly with the use of a crown, to avoid any further chance of infection.

Although the thought of root canal therapy can fill a patient with dread, the only factor that makes the treatment painful is the presence of an abscess, which renders useless any local anesthetic that might be used. Once the affected tooth is free of abscesses, the anesthetic can do its job andthe procedure is performed with little to no pain felt on the part of the patient.

How do you know when a root canal is needed?

If you have a tooth that causes you considerable pain, or you have noticed increased gum sensitivity, tenderness or swelling in an area adjacent to the site of pain, you should call Dr. Merai for a consultation.

Not all of the teeth that are in need of root canal therapy will cause pain or produce symptoms.  Sometimes an x-ray is needed to identify problem teeth. This is why regular dental care can help prevent the onset of serious problems that require invasive treatments.

What are the Costs of a Root Canal?

Contact us today for your consultation and we’ll discuss your options regarding root canals. We look forward to answering all your questions about root canals.

How Do I Get Started?

Dr. Merai and the experienced, caring staff at Comprehensive Dental Care, dentists near Washington DC, Alexandria and Clinton, MD, will be happy to discuss this procedure with you and answer your questions. Please feel free to contact our dentist office for your private consultation with Dr. Merai.